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The Rototeck™ Block

Lighter, more durable and more beautiful than concrete blocks

In 2015, Rototeck Industries developed a new alternative as a patio base,
entirely made of premium plastic material and 100% recyclable. This is how the 
Rototeck™ Block was born. It is 18 times lighter than concrete bases. The Rototeck™ Block is
therefore easier to transport, thus simplifying the construction of any project. 

  • Weight of 2.75 lbs (vs. 50.00 lbs in concrete)

  • Transports easily

  • Faster installation

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Superior look compared to concrete

  • Ecological and 100% recyclable

  • Impact resistant

  • Does not crumble

  • Clings to the ground thanks to its design

  • Resistant to extreme cold, freezing and thawing

  • Resistant to high heat and UV rays

  • Patented

  • Made in Quebec

  • Extreme resistance to the weight of 2000 Lbs - Tested by the CSA group

  • Dimensions (inches) 12 Long X 12 Wide X 5 High  

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